Although the word innovation is used in the meaning of novelty and the use of new methods, in fact it is not enough to explain it in a few words or sentences… To do something new…

But how?

We could focus on manufacturing better quality in the bedding fabrics, upholstery fabrics and carpets in the sector we serve in. And we already did it. But there should be a difference in the products we manufacture. Every inch of the products coming from our factories should touch the lives of the users. We should not offer just a product, but a benefit to our consumers. And we had to take the manufacturers that would deliver these products to the end user not just one but more than ten steps forward from their competitors. We had to ensure them to present the features in their beds, seats and carpets that cannot be predicted by anyone. With our approach in this direction, we have looked at the world once again from the very beginning.

How could we touch people`s lives with the textile products?

We aimed to be with you at every moment of life from the mattress fabrics that feel like jumping to the ice-cold water from magnetic therapy, from the carpets that help to reduce the stress to very easy to clean upholstery fabrics. Take a look at our innovative products page to discover the world of Boyteks and see what can be done with a textile product.