Prerequisite to provide a competitive advantage in today’s quickly developing and changing world is to select the right person for the job. Like all businesses, employing the right staff with the right qualifications is key to success.

As a company that believes the human factor plays a fundamental and determinative role in all activities and the success of the systems, BOYTEKS makes every effort to:

Boyteks İnsan Kaynakları
Boyteks İnsan Kaynakları
  • Employ human resources in an effective and efficient manner in line with the company’s mission, vision and goals.
  • Establish high quality, peaceful and warm atmosphere in the workplace where individual and corporate values are shared,
  • Improve employees’ knowledge, qualifications and behaviors by providing systematic training activities to ensure each individual is fully qualified.
  • Maintain a dynamic organization structure always ready for change and challenges in line with the company’s strategic plans and goals.
  • Develop programs and applications to meet employees’ economic, social and psychological needs.
  • Develop and practice projects which enable constructive interaction of business life and private life and geared towards increasing overall employee morale whether it be in their individual life or family life.
  • Ensure that our employees maintain the standard of living they have attained and are able to improve their living standards in the future.
  • Development and practice of social and environmental policies that contribute to social well being by supporting employees’ social, cultural and educational activities.