With Knowledge, Experience and Passion…

The end of the 1990’s… The financial market fluctuations were high, the crisis of banks’ foreign exchange gaps were growing and its impact was being felt heavily in every industry… The biggest contribution to the economy, without a doubt, was provided by the manufacturing and consistent employment. Because of this, we were working harder than ever in all our operations and carried the belief we would defeat these tough times in unison. We used to acquire the “Mattress Fabric” needed in our furniture manufacturing plant located in Kayseri from a large-scale company abroad. One day, we received a phone call; it was the boss of the company from where we did all our purchasing. His demand was very clear “Even though we have been working together for a long time, because of the economic crisis your country is in, I regret to inform you that we cannot accept import credits from Turkish banks any longer.” When we asked them the reason the reply was “We don’t trust Turkish banks” and we were informed that they would only do cash business.

Operations cannot stop… We inquired about a cash purchase discount but were turned down flat. This reply, from a firm that we worked with for years, turned out to be the corner stone of a very important establishment we were able to add to our nation. We researched with our team and found the company that manufactured looms for bedding fabric factories, purchased four of them, set them up in a corner of our factory in Kayseri and started producing our own fabric. However, this was not enough so we bought four more looms. As the number of looms grew, we moved this operation to a 10.000 m² warehouse space and continued the production. We kept on growing. Today, we own one of the biggest textile brands working in an area of over 200.000 m² with over 2000 workers producing three main groups of products and we export to over 100 nations.

BOYTEKS, born during a time when everyone else had taken a break from investments, and ventures, was turned into a very important company in its own right by a very young team in a very short time. What makes us special is of course our human resources. We came to where we are by working together.

As BOYTEKS, not only do we open the doors to innovation and design to our customers with our production quality being at the top, pricing policy, product variety and fast service; but also we continue to add value to our investors as a potential force.