Boyteks Tekstil, the subsidiary of Boydak Holding, one of the world’s largest groups, is one of the world’s largest mattress ticking manufacturers with fully integrated facilities as the result of a major investment in the textile sector, and among the top 10 global brands in the upholstery fabric sector, while also holding an important place in the world in the carpets group. We define our brand as an innovative power in the textile industry; environmentally friendly, respectful to people, always thinking of and developing the best, working harder and conducting more research and producing unlimited options and fast delivery.

Boyteks produces mattress ticking and the carpet group in Kayseri, while the upholstery fabric is produced in Bursa. Having started producing mattress ticking in the year 2000, Boyteks also started producing woven mattress ticking in 2005 to respond to the market demand in addition to knitted fabric, which was increased in 2010 and will continue to be increased in the future. Additionally, upholstery fabric production started in 2003 and carpet production in 2011. Manufacturing yarn in their own facility for production since 2003, Boyteks completes all processes from yarn to fabric production in its own fully integrated facilities which operates within the company’s own ERP system.

Providing people not just with a textile product but also a healthy, reliable and comfortable product of mattress ticking and also carpet, Boyteks places great importance on the finishing processes and inflammability tests that it applies in production. Presenting brand new patterns and fabric collections to customers every year at international textile fairs, Boyteks places particular importance on design and innovation to be able to respond to the world’s textile needs with solutions ahead of its time. With an expert staff that reinterprets nature derived inspiration, Boyteks presents unlimited design and structure options in its design offices from Europe to Asia and America to Africa. Also the company constantly keeps a focus on distant horizons with the R&D staff who do not regard textile products as just textile products, and work to find more beneficial aspects for human health and living conditions and provide special products in line with this approach.